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Law Assignment Paper 4 Relation to Criminal Justice - 275 Words

Law Assignment Paper 4: Relation to Criminal Justice (Essay Sample) Content: Law AssignmentNameInstitutionLaw AssignmentDue process can be defined as the means, assured by the Constitution, for ensuring that the government accords justice to all its citizens during all legal proceedings. In relation to criminal justice, due process provides that a defendant who is accused of an offense must be made aware of the charges brought against him or her, must be given an opportunity to present a defense against such charges, and provided with the services of an attorney and the right to appeal. Notably, these due process rights are derived from the 4th, 5th, 6th, and 8th Constitution Amendments. Even though the initial ten Amendments were meant to be applicable only to actions of the Federal Government, over the recent years the criminal judicial system have been able to extend the rights of due process to individuals accused of violating state laws through the 14th Amendment.Due process rights are significant to the criminal justice process as they w ork together to protect a person from unreasonable persecution by the government. It can be noted that the right to a fair trial is the cornerstone of the due process rights. Moreover, other due process rights are in place to ensure that a fair trial takes place prior to the government depriving the accused of other rights. Concerning ethics and fairness, without due process rights, all other human rights are usually in dire jeopardy (Fredericks, 2009). Hence, a fair trial cannot exist without these rights as they keep the governmentà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬s power in check.A countryà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬s government is a powerful institution that affects the lives of people living within its borders in the most intimate ways. Usually, governments regulate trade, provide essential services to its citizens, wage war with other countries, and most importantly regulates personal behavior of its people. L...

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Personal Statement of Engineering Management - 1307 Words

Personal Statement I fought my first â€Å"fight† with my family and won the battle. The monthlong controversy, as to whether I should compromise with the prevailing notion and make a specialty of some hot study programmes such as finance, economics, management, laws, computer engineering and the like, or I should follow the voice deep in my heart to choose what I am really interested in, was over, and I got my way. My parents, like any other conscientious parents in China, had long been harboring an aspiration that I could one day become an outstanding elitist, occupying some kind of well-paid genteel position, being respected and even envied. So, when I told them that I intended to apply for the programme of Bachelor of Science†¦show more content†¦Vow, everything seemed so perfect, yet, wait a minute, everything seemed so perfect but for one thing. Something†¦something was missing. What was it? What else was in want of? Then came the voice from the deepest part of my heart: â€Å"Happiness. You want happiness, yet you couldn’t find it in any perfect life unless you are interested in it.† What was I interested in then? Well, I am not an ambitious girl who will try everything she can to make a fame of her own. I am sort of quiet, patient, sentient and amiable. I value life itself and genuine emotions the most. That does not mean that I’d rather lead a mediocre life and that I do not want to work hard and to succeed. My concept and connotation of success maybe are different from those prevalent ones. Lots of money and a genteel life do not represent the exact success I want. To me, success means that I could make the best of myself, that I could influence positively as many people as possible with my knowledge and ability, that I could make people healthier and happier, that I could give people genuine emotions and friendship and, at the same time, enjoy the genuine emotions andShow MoreRelatedMy Personal Statement On Engineering Management1413 Words   |  6 Pages Name: Azam Simsim Date: 02/04/2015 Class: IEN 570 Engineering Management 1. What types of planning do you do in your personal life? My personal mission statement is: To be a philanthropist that pioneers people in my sphere. To be accomplishers, supportive, and giving through being dedicated, faithful, and considerate To aim high in life you must have a guide plan to show you the path of success. My personal life goal is to become well-known businessman that adds values to my country, communityRead MoreManaging Organizational Structure at Apple Inc1521 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction Apple Inc. was established by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak on April 1, 1976 as a computer designer, developer and seller company. However, the company shifted its focus from only personal computer to include other consumer electronics such as portable media player and mobile phone in 2007. Apple Inc becomes one of the most popular makers in its field since it seems that its popularity has increased according to a report on that Apple Inc’s products sales was generallyRead More1.0 INTRODUCTION In this chapter, the background to the study is given, a statement of the1100 Words   |  5 Pages1.0 INTRODUCTION In this chapter, the background to the study is given, a statement of the research problem is made, the objectives of the study are spelt out, research questions are posed; the significance of the study captured, followed by the scope and limitations of the study; a brief research methodology is provided and the disposition/structure of the study outlined. 1.1 BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY Business reality has been modified in the last few decades and is characterized by change. MoreRead MorePersonal Statement Of Purpose By Mr. Thomas H. Huxley812 Words   |  4 PagesSTATEMENT OF PURPOSE ‘The known is finite, the unknown infinite; intellectually we stand on an islet in the midst of an illimitable ocean of inexplicability. Our business in every generation is to reclaim a little more land’, these are the lines aptly said by Mr. Thomas H. Huxley. The unyielding quest for boundless knowledge has been my motivating and driving force throughout my career pursuit. It’s the same quest that prompted me for higher studies. The dedicationRead MoreStatement of Purpose for Mechanical Engineering Essay710 Words   |  3 PagesThis personal statement is meant to put forth my aspiration to pursue my career through PhD in Mechanical Engineering at Bristol University. In constantly changing environments ranging from space travel to automobile manufacture, there is no doubt that Mechanical Engineering is vital in our modern live. I want to attain the highest level of education and transcend new scope for research in Mechanical Engineering. I personally feel that there is substantial cachet to be gained by pursuing the fieldRead MoreMy Statement of Purpose: Financial Engineering677 Words   |  3 PagesStatement of Purpose Financial Engineering Introduction Using algorithms to simplify and solve complex business problems while also creating software applications that scale to the most complex, large scale enterprises is a passion that drove me to excel in computer science. The many interrelated systems, databases and applications gave me insight into how even the most intricate, highly dependent systems could be streamlined and aligned to challenging goals. As I continue to master and putRead MoreCase Analysis : Escorts Agri Machinery1300 Words   |  6 PagesInternal environment covers the following things in an organization: †¢ Organizational Structure – Allocated Roles and Authorities †¢ Decision making style of Top management †¢ Work attitude of employees †¢ Rational deployment of resources (ex. Human resource) Company Profile Escorts Group is an Indian group of companies, serving the heavy engineering Industry with four major business divisions. 1. Escorts Agri-Machinery A pioneer of farm mechanization in India, Escorts Agri Machinery (EAM) was launchedRead MoreIce Develoment Objectives1074 Words   |  5 Pagesits use. B Apply appropriate theoretical and practical methods to the analysis and solution of engineering* problems B1 Contribute to the identification of problems and the production of solutions Eng Tech TMICE For example: Application of engineering principles. Possible solutions. Links to codes, standards and specifications. Produce drawings. B1 Identify engineering* problems and define possible solutions AMICE* MICE IEng MICE For example: Client/user needs. FeasibilityRead MoreA Report On Employee Handbook1279 Words   |  6 PagesINTRODUCTION Introductory Statement This Employee Handbook is designed to summarize certain personnel policies and benefits of ADVANCED MECHANICAL ENGINEERING, CORP. (AME, Corp.), of 1440 E Portland Ave, Fresno, California 93720, and to acquaint employees with many of the rules concerning employment with AME, Corp. This Handbook applies to all employees. This Handbook supersedes all previous employment policies, written and oral, express and implied. AME, Corp. reserves the right to modify, rescindRead MoreStudent1258 Words   |  6 Pages I am a hard working, energetic individual with strong project management, relationship management and communication skills and have a proven track record for achieving set objectives and goals. SUMMARY * Broad Project Management experience across a multitude of industries including Airline, Broadcasting amp; Media, Telecommunications, Banking amp; Finance and IT amp; Engineering. * Excellent Relationship Management skills with a proven track record of successfully collaborating

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Cognitive Grammar - Definition and Discussion

Cognitive grammar is a  usage-based approach to grammar that emphasizes symbolic and semantic definitions of theoretical concepts that have traditionally been analyzed as purely syntactic.Cognitive grammar is associated with wider movements in contemporary language studies, especially cognitive linguistics  and functionalism. The term cognitive grammar was introduced by American linguist Ronald Langacker in his two-volume study Foundations of Cognitive Grammar (Stanford University Press, 1987/1991). Observations Portraying grammar as a purely formal system is not just wrong but wrong-headed. I will argue, instead, that grammar is meaningful. This is so in two respects. For one thing, the elements of grammar—like vocabulary items—have meanings in their own right. Additionally, grammar allows us to construct and symbolize the more elaborate meanings of complex expressions (like phrases, clauses, and sentences). It is thus an essential aspect of the conceptual apparatus through which we apprehend and engage the world.(Ronald W. Langacker, Cognitive Grammar: A Basic Introduction. Oxford University Press, 2008)Symbolic AssociationsCognitive grammar . . . chiefly departs from traditional theories of language in its contention that the way in which we produce and process language is determined not by the rules of syntax but by the symbols evoked by linguistic units. These linguistic units include morphemes, words, phrases, clauses, sentences and whole texts, all of which are deemed in herently symbolic in nature. The way in which we join linguistic units together is also symbolic rather than rule-driven because grammar is itself meaningful   (Langacker 2008a: 4). In claiming a direct symbolic association between linguistic form (what it terms phonological structure) and semantic structure, Cognitive Grammar denies the need for an organizational system to mediate between the phonological and semantic structures (i.e. syntax).(Clara Neary, Profiling the Flight of The Windhover. (Cognitive Grammar in Literature, ed. by  Chloe Harrison et al. John Benjamins, 2014)​Assumptions of Cognitive GrammarA Cognitive Grammar is based on the following assumptions... .:The grammar of a language is part of human cognition and interacts with other cognitive faculties, especially with perception, attention, and memory. . . .The grammar of a language reflects and presents generalizations about phenomena in the world as its speakers experience them. . . .Forms of grammar are, like lexical items, meaningful and never empty or meaningless, as often assumed in purely structural models of grammar.The grammar of a language represents the whole of a native speakers knowledge of both the lexical categories and the grammatical structures of her language.The grammar of a language is usage-based in that it provides speakers with a variety of structural options to present their view of a given scene.(G. Radden and R. Dirven, Cognitive English Grammar. John Benjamins, 2007)Langackers  Four PrinciplesA primary commitment to Cognitive Grammar is . . . to provide an optimal set of constructs for explicitly describing the linguistic structure. Its formulation has been guided throughout by a number of principles thought to be helpful in achieving such optimality. The first principle . . . is that functional considerations should inform the process from the outset and be reflected in the frameworks architecture and descriptive apparatus. Because the functions of la nguage involve the manipulation and symbolization of conceptual structures, a second principle is the need to characterize such structures at a reasonable level of explicit detail and technical precision. To be revealing, however, descriptions must be natural and appropriate. Thus, a third principle is that language and languages have to be described in their own terms, without the imposition of artificial boundaries or Procrustean modes of analysis based on conventional wisdom. As a corollary, formalization is not to be considered an end in itself, but must rather be assessed for its utility at a given stage of an investigation. That no attempt has yet been made to formalize Cognitive Grammar reflects the judgment that the cost of the requisite simplifications and distortions would greatly outweigh any putative benefits. Finally, a fourth principle is that claims about language should be broadly compatible with secure findings of related disciplines (e.g., cognitive psychology, neu roscience, and evolutionary biology). Nevertheless, the claims and descriptions of Cognitive Grammar are all supported by specifically linguistic considerations.(Ronald W. Langacker, Cognitive Grammar.  The Oxford Handbook of Cognitive Linguistics, ed. by  Dirk Geeraerts and Herbert Cuyckens. Oxford University Press, 2007)

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Research Paper on Work Life Balance in Hospitality and...

e INTRODUCTION The purpose of this study is to highlight the necessity of Work-Life Balance (WLB) within the hotels that are situated in Delhi and NCR. The findings of the study specify that there is a need of scheming Work-Life Balance policies and programs for the Indian Hoteliers to facilitate them to maintain stability for their work and life needs. Through this research, an attempt is also been made to make out the different personal motives and its main concern among the different demographic groups which could help us in designing the Work-Life Balance policies for employees in Indian Hospitality Industries. The Human Resource Management function has to constantly plan and carry out such policies which enable their employees to†¦show more content†¦In the recent Indian scenario as experienced by hospitality employees, the ageing employee population also expressed a need for work-life balance, so as to maintain their financial needs and become independent. These employees belong to generation X who gives preference to the balance between work and family lives. (Patton, 2009). However the new generation or in other words generation Y considers and values job security, job commitment and job satisfaction as valuable variables of a job. Generation Y also expresses a sheer need for work life balance in order to deal with internal and external work pressures. It has also been noticed that the thinking patterns and behavioral approaches of generation Y are more complex and diverse as compared to the employees of generation X. Another author (Jeff and Juliette 2007), proposed that emplo yees do influence work-life balance issues in the financial service sector and that work-life balance initiatives had greater approach and quality where independent unions were recognized. In all cases, however, the amount of departure from minimal constitutional levels of condition was not great. (Jennifer and Susan 2010) in their study found that part-time managers of the sample chosen in the study held varied careers while working full-time, but careers stalled once a transition to part-time work was made. TheShow MoreRelatedHotel and Tourism Management2178 Words   |  9 Pagescarry out the primary research of this study at the Hotel and Tourism Management Institute, Switzerland which is a well renowned institute and is one of the leading hotel management schools in the country. It is also known for its high quality and globally recognized masters, degree and diploma courses. HTMi caters to over 200 students every year, providing them with world class education while encompassi ng a strong family environment amongst students from varied walks of life. O’Mahony et al., (2001)Read MoreCritical Tourism Theory and Methods5398 Words   |  22 Pagesof Tourism Research Tourism Research Overview 1. Critical Tourism Theory * The Concept of Critical Tourism Theory * Critical Tourism Theory and Data base 2. Qualitative Research * Data Collection Techniques in Qualitative Research * Interview * Observation * Focus Groups * Customer feedback card * Data Analysis in Qualitative Research Limitation 3. Quantitative Research * Data Collection Techniques in Quantitative Research Read MoreEconomic Crisis Management in Hospitality and Tourism Industry5389 Words   |  22 PagesGURGAON Issues in International Hospitality and Tourism Management U 54082 Module leader: Ms. Bandana Rai Submission: ECONOMIC CRISIS IN HOSPITALITY amp; TOURISM INDUSTRY Submitted by: Pavitra Mehrotra Student Id: 010109029 Abstract In the recent scenario, hospitality and tourism sector has become an important part of daily life but which is now experiencing multiple challenges because of the global economic crisis. Besides tourism, many other industries are in a position to create affluenceRead MoreAustralia Hotel Industry Staff Turnover Rate Essay6832 Words   |  28 PagesDesign/methodology/approach: Based on labour turnover literature and an industry panel, an online survey was designed and distributed to four- and five-star hotels across Australia. Human Resource Managers from 64 hotels participated in the survey, providing a representative sample and a response rate of 29 percent. Findings and implications: The research shows the major costs being attributed to labour turnover. These are costs that both the industry and individual operators should examine closely as they impactRead MoreTh Cruise Ship Industry Effects1352 Words   |  6 PagesThe Cruise Ship Industry Carlene Shaw Northern Caribbean University Tour209: Caribbean Tourism and Travel Ms. Murihead Question 2 1. (a) Critically evaluate the impacts that the cruise ship industry has on destinations. (b) Suggest recommendations that can be used to minimize or mitigate the problems     Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Identified in question 2a.   Read MoreSkills Needed to Be an Effective Manager8864 Words   |  36 Pagesof Arellano University Jose Abad Santos Campus in regards to the skills needed to become an effective manager, it emphasizes the technical, human and conceptual skills that has more important to the managers to manage a certain department. Hospitality Industry is broad and diverse; organizations within it share some things in common. One is the need for staff members with a variety of knowledge, skills and experience to produce the products and services that are needed or desired by consumers. EachRead MoreTrends in Hotel Industry13993 Words   |  56 PagesTrends In Hospitality Sector Hospitality is all about offering warmth to someone who looks for help at a strange or unfriendly place. It refers to the process of receiving and entertaining a guest with goodwill. Hospitality in the commercial context refers to the activity of hotels, restaurants, catering, inn, resorts or clubs who make a vocation of treating tourists. Helped With unique efforts by government and all other stakeholders, including hotel owners, resort managers, tour and travelRead MoreSustainability Development in Hotel Industry2523 Words   |  11 Pages|||Chandershekher Joshi | ||XLRI Jamshedpur| |||||||| Sustainable Development in Hotel Industry by Chandershekher Joshi â€Å"Customers’ green attitudes are, in general, significantly associated with their expressed intentions to visit a green hotel, to spread word-of-mouth about a green hotel, and to pay more for it.† -- International Journal of Hospitality Management â€Å"Eco-friendly hotels get higher consumer reviews than their non-green counterparts.† -- Travelocity Executive Overview Read MoreThe Relevance of Tourism on the Economic Development of Cross River State, Nigeria2868 Words   |  12 Pages DOIXXXXXXXXXXX ISSN 2070-1845  ©2011 Academic Journals Full Length Research Paper The relevance of tourism on the economic development of Cross River State, Nigeria Ajake, Anim O. and Amalu, Titus E.* Department of Geography and Environmental Science, University of Calabar, Calabar, Nigeria. Accepted 21 December, 2011 This study investigated the relevance of tourism on the economic growth of Cross River State, Nigeria. Special focus was on the difference in visitationsRead MoreSustainable Development in the Hotel Industry by Cornell University9354 Words   |  38 PagesSustainable Hospitality ©: Sustainable Development in the Hotel Industry by Hervà © Houdrà © General Manager, Willard InterContinental Hotel Industry Perspectives: A white pAper series from Cornell University Sustainable Hospitality ©: Sustainable Development in the Hotel Industry Cornell Industry Perspective Cornell Industry Perspective No. 2, June 2008 by Hervà © Houdrà © Advisory Board James C. Allen, Executive Vice President, Wines, Southern

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Analysis of Leda and the Swan Essay - 1528 Words

Analysis of Leda and the Swan. Greek mythology. Analysis of Leda and the Swan. Greek mythology has, throughout history, been the subject of much debate and interpretation. Conjuring up images of bloody battles and crumbling cities, its descriptions of the epic battle between good and evil still have remarkable relevance and continue to resonate with poignancy in our bleak, war-torn society. The poem Leda and the Swan, written by William Butler Yeats, attempts to shed new light on what is arguably one of Ancient Greeces most controversial myths. In this essay I aim to study the poem in more depth, analysing what Yeats says and how he says it. Leda and the Swan is an interpretation of the Greek myth wherein Zeus, in the†¦show more content†¦One could go further and argue that the intentional eroticism of something so violent is somewhat sinister - after all, a caress is supposed to be an act of affection and love, and is not normally associated with something spiteful and violent. A sense of the victims entrapment and entanglement is created in the next line, in which Yeats describes the swans wings as dark webs (the word dark is also used to portray the swan and its actions as sinister). This sense of entrapment is emphasised where the swan is said to have the nape of the victims neck trapped in its bill. The contrast in texture between the words nape and caught emphasise the power of the action. Yet, despite the brutality of Zeus initial action, the softness of the word bill implies that it is forceful, yet not overpowering. The eroticism which occurred in the second line continues in the line He holds her helpless breast upon his breast. The softness of the words used, combined with the sexual connotations which they carry, lends the line an erotic tone, made sinister by the forceful nature of the animals actions. The second stanza of the poem consists of two questions, both pondering on the nature of the victims actions,Show MoreRelatedLeda And The Swan Poem Analysis1260 Words   |  6 Pagesconstant warfare that the soldiers endure daily. Likewise, allusion in the poems â€Å"Leda and the Swanâ€Å" by W. B. Yeats, â€Å"Out, Out---† by Robert Frost, and â€Å"Siren Songâ€Å" by Margaret Atwood reveals the historical conflicts that occurred within Greek mythology and World War I. To begin with, in â€Å"Leda and the Swan† by W. B. Yeats, he depicts the rape of a woman named Leda by Zeus, who is disguised as a swan, and in turn, Leda conceives a child who plagues mass havoc on the city of Troy. Instantly, Yeats depictsRead More Leda and the Swan Analysis Essay477 Words   |  2 Pages In William Butler Yeats poem â€Å"Leda and the Swan†, he uses the fourteen lines of the traditional sonnet form in a radical, modernist style. He calls up a series of unforgettable, bizarre images of an immediate physical event using abstract descriptions in brief language. Through structure and language Yeats is able to paint a powerful sexual image to his readers without directly giving the meaning of the poem. â€Å"Leda and the Swan† is a violent, sexually explicit poem with its plain diction, rhythmicRead MoreLeda and the Swan Notes763 Words   |  4 PagesLeda and the Swan notes Origins Leda and the Swan was a Greek myth in which the God Zeus transformed into a swan and raped the girl Leda. Different versions of the myth disagree on whether Leda was actually raped or seduced by Zeus. In the myth, Leda gave birth to four children, who hatched from eggs. One of the children was Helen of Troy, the woman the Trojan War was fought over. Analysis on form The poem is a sonnet-it has 14 lines. Each of the lines has 10 beats to it. Yeats plays withRead More Violence In Leda and the Swan by W.B.Yeats Essay2771 Words   |  12 PagesViolence In Leda and the swan by W.B.Yeats â€Å"Leda and the Swan† is one of the most well known poems by Yeats, although it’s controversy as to what really happens during the lines of this sonnet. There are many different ways as to how one can approach the interpretation of the poem, is it influenced by Yeats’ own life, in which case he puts all his frustration towards Maud Gonne into words, or is it a poem about power, or about politics? I have deliberately chosen not to take into considerationRead MoreHelen of Troy Does Countertop Dancing1480 Words   |  6 Pagesconceived. However in Atwood’s poem it appears she chose the idea that Helen was the daughter of Greek God, Zeus, and Spartan Queen Leda. It has been said that Zeus disguised himself as a swan and raped Leda. Leda then produced an egg from which Helen came from. ‘but I come from the province of gods’(58) ‘My mother was raped by a holy swan.’(62) ‘in my blazing swan-egg of light.’(80) Here are three instances where Atwood refers to the myth of who Helen’s parents were and how she was conceived. Read MoreHelen of Troy Does Countertop Dancing1488 Words   |  6 Pagesconceived. However in Atwood’s poem it appears she chose the idea that Helen was the daughter of Greek God, Zeus, and Spartan Queen Leda. It has been said that Zeus disguised himself as a swan and raped Leda. Leda then produced an egg from which Helen came from. ‘but I come from the province of gods’(58) ‘My mother was raped by a holy swan.’(62) ‘in my blazing swan-egg of light.’(80) Here are three instances where Atwood refers to the myth of who Helen’s parents were and how she was conceived. Read MoreAnnotated Bibliography on the Prevelence of Rape in Shakespeares Work909 Words   |  4 Pagesperspective of the female victim. Although Greenstadt provides significant personal research, she relies heavily on her own interpretations and thus her argument lacks etymological evidence of the words homonym-like qualities. Nonetheless, Greenstadts analysis of gender and sexuality in the poem offers a pillar of evidence, which will support the exploration of the character Lucrece as possessing agency. Kemp, Theresa D. Women in Shakespeares Work. Women In the Age Of Shakespeare. SantaRead MoreNative American Literature King s A Coyote s Coyote1362 Words   |  6 Pagesthe most frequent trickster figure amongst this narrative. This wild animal can at times be helpful, but more often than not his foolish and rash personality can meddle with the surrounding environment. Much like Zeus transformed into a swan in Leda and the Swan, Coyote could also change forms. Sometimes he’s an animal, other times he’s a person, or even at times he’s half human-half animal. Since trickster figures can change their physical shape, their personality is no different. It can vary, fromRead MoreWho Goes with Fergus11452 Words   |  46 PagesFergus example and leave the cares of the world to know the wisdom of nature. He exhorts young men and women alike to leave off brooding over loves bitter mystery and to turn instead to the mysterious order of nature, over which Fergus rules. Analysis This short poem is full of mystery and complexity. It was James Joyces favorite poem, and figures in his famous novel Ulysses, where Stephen Daedalus sings it to his dying mother. On one level, the poem represents Yeats exhortation to the young

Substance Abuse And Addiction Health And Social Care Essay Free Essays

string(33) " a male otherwise from a female\." â€Å" Tens of 1000000s of Americans use habit-forming substances. Twenty-five million have a history of intoxicant dependance and more than five million qualify as difficult nucleus chronic drug users † ( Bernhein and Rangel, 2004 ) . The alterations in the encephalon make it hard for people to halt mistreating drugs. We will write a custom essay sample on Substance Abuse And Addiction Health And Social Care Essay or any similar topic only for you Order Now Research shows that â€Å" uniting dependence intervention medicines with behavioural therapy is the best manner to guarantee success for most patients † (, 2008 ) . Treatment is tailored to the patient ‘s maltreatment or dependence job and any other jobs they may hold medically, socially, or psychologically. Statement of Problem The job of substance maltreatment and dependence is a turning job. Prevention is the key to assist control and halt this job. Intervention, parental influence, and the media can all impact a individual and their job. Substance dependence occurs when â€Å" after important exposure, users find themselves prosecuting in compulsive, repeated, and unwanted usage despite clearly harmful effects, and frequently despite a strong desire to discontinue unconditionally ( Bernhein and Rangel, 2004 ) . Peoples in the United States have spent over $ 150 billion on baccy merchandises, alcoholic drinks, cocaine, diacetylmorphine, marihuana, and Methedrines ( Bernhein and Rangel, 2004 ) . Social costs such as wellness attention, non-productivity, and offense sum more than $ 300 billion per twelvemonth ( Bernhein and Rangel, 2004 ) . Drugs are â€Å" chemicals that tap into the encephalon ‘s communicating system and interrupt the manner nervus cells usually send, receive, and procedure information † (, 2008 ) . The drugs can direct incorrect messages to the encephalon by directing big sums of Dopastat into the system. By over-stimulating the system, the euphoric consequence causes a individual to reiterate the behaviour of mistreating drugs (, 2008 ) . Through changeless usage, the euphoric consequence wears off and the individual must go on taking the drug, and perchance more of the drug, in order to capture that experiencing once more. â€Å" Brain imaging surveies of dependent persons shows alterations in countries of the encephalon that are critical to judgement, determination devising, acquisition, memory, and behavior control. These alterations drive an maltreater to seek out and take drugs obsessively despite inauspicious effects to go addicted to drugs † (, 2008 ) . Drug dependence is preventable. NIDA funded research show â€Å" that bar plans that involve the household, schools, communities, and the media are effectual in cut downing substance maltreatment. Although many events and cultural factors affect substance maltreatment tendencies, when young persons perceive substance maltreatment as harmful, they cut down their drug pickings. It is imperative that in order to assist the young person and the general populace to understand the hazard of substance maltreatment and for instructors, parents, and health care professionals to maintain directing the message that drug dependence can be prevented if a individual ne’er abuses drugs † (, 2008 ) . Discussion Substance dependence is a â€Å" chronic, frequently get worsing encephalon disease that causes compulsive drug seeking and utilize despite harmful effects to the person that is addicted and to those around them. It is a encephalon disease because the maltreatment of drugs can take to alterations in the construction and map of the encephalon † (, 2008 ) . Substance maltreatment involves the â€Å" perennial and inordinate usage of chemical substances to accomplish a certain consequence † ( Segal and Cutter, 2009 ) . Substance dependence and maltreatment compels a individual to go haunted with obtaining and utilizing drugs despite the many inauspicious wellness and life jobs ( The National Institute on Drug Abuse, 2009 ) . The research indicates people abuse drugs because they think they feel better on drugs. It is besides stated in research they take drugs in order to get by with the many troubles they may be confronting in their life. â€Å" Drugs exert their effects mostly on the motive and pleasance tracts of the encephalon ( The National Institute on Drug Abuse, 2009 ) . Drugs affect the encephalon chemicals because the â€Å" chemical construction of the drugs is similar to encephalon chemicals or neurotransmitters † ( The National Institute on Drug Abuse, 2009 ) . â€Å" Similarity in construction allows them to be recognized by nerve cells and to change normal encephalon messages † ( The National Institute on Drug Abuse, 2009 ) . Addiction is a â€Å" developmental disease which normally beings in adolescence † ( The National Institute of Drug Abuse, 2009 ) . â€Å" Sixty-seven per centum of adolescence will experiment with marihuana for the first clip between the ages of 12 and 17 † ( The National Institute of Drug Abuse, 2009 ) . Prevention would necessitate to get down at an early age in order to halt substance maltreatment before it starts. Causes There is no conclusive grounds why person can go addicted to a substance and another individual does non. In dependence there is a force which creates an inability to acquire control of a state of affairs. If a individual is in hurting, they may take a hurting pill. Once the hurting subsides any little feeling of hurting and the individual will take another pill. The individual becomes use to the feeling that the pill is giving them relief irrespective of how terrible or non the hurting still is. This is when people abuse prescribed medicines, nonprescription medicines or illegal pills. Substance maltreatment can besides be a trigger when a individual is experiencing down or lonely. Taking a pill can assist control that feeling. There are other triggers which can do dependence: household history, history of mental unwellness, untreated physical hurting, and peer force per unit area ( Segal and Cutter, 2009 ) . Vulnerability is a â€Å" merchandise of the interaction of a individual ‘s biological science, cistrons, environment, and age † ( The National Institute of Drug Abuse, 2009 ) . Studies show that along with environment, emphasis, and equal influence, genetic sciences attribute anyplace from 40 % to 60 % per centum toward sensitivity to dependence. Environmental factors besides contribute to a individual ‘s impulse to take drugs. Factors such as a history of physical or sexual maltreatment, witnessing a violent act, or emphasize all influence the individual ‘s pick ( The National Institute of Drug Abuse, 2009 ) . Gender besides affects substance maltreatment and dependence. Abuse and dependence can impact a male otherwise from a female. You read "Substance Abuse And Addiction Health And Social Care Essay" in category "Essay examples" Research on grownup substance maltreaters has â€Å" revealed a figure of societal and psychological differences between males and females that have of import deductions for intervention † ( Toray, Coughlin, Vuchinich and Patricelli, 1991 ) . A survey was done on 930 male and female striplings who were in intervention for substance maltreatment. They were analyzed to understand the difference between the genders ( Toray et. Al, 1991 ) . While category and ethnicity influence the logical thinking behind adolescent substance maltreatment, small research has been done to understand how gender affects maltreatment and dependence. Research showed that â€Å" gender differences may be in psychosocial factors such as depression and parental and equal influences which determine substance usage forms † ( Toray, et Al, 1991 ) . Men are more likely to seek intervention so adult females are. â€Å" The survey showed that 20 % of all clients in publically funded intervention services were adult females † ( Toray, et Al, 1991 ) . Because of societal stigma, adult females seem to be less unfastened about their jobs. Female substance maltreaters â€Å" tend to self-medicate to acquire off from emotional hurting † ( Toray, et Al, 1991 ) . There are great differences in the figure of males and females who receive intervention. Females study higher rates of self-destruction, depression, and physical and sexual mal treatment so males do. Because of these differences, the success of intervention can be less successful for females ( Toray, et Al, 1991 ) . Data was collected from 1981 through 1988 from 930 striplings. Of these striplings, 90 % were from in-between category households and 10 % were from lower and upper category households. The age span was 16 old ages old for males and 15 old ages old for female. The striplings were chiefly of white beginning ( Toray, et Al, 1991 ) . The intent of this research was to garner information about the young person ‘s drug history and household history and to profile the young person sing their drug usage. The group was asked the particulars of their drug usage – what they used and how frequently. They were given a psychological profile sing depression, self-destruction efforts, physical and/or sexual maltreatment. They besides were asked about their parent ‘s history of drug usage and whether they used drugs, intoxicant, or both ( Toray, et Al, 1991 ) . The major differences found between males and females were in â€Å" suicide efforts, physical and/or sexual maltreatment and household drug history with female rates significantly higher so male rates † ( Toray, et Al, 1991 ) . The female substance maltreater may be â€Å" confronted with psychological, household, and cultural barriers in recovery non found by males † ( Toray, et Al, 1991 ) . Recovery is a long and difficult procedure and may be more hard for a female because resources available to females â€Å" lack sensitiveness to a figure of issues she may be confronting such as stigmatisation and sexual victimization † ( Toray, et Al, 1991 ) . It is critical that a female receive the appropriate support both during and after intervention. Rational Peoples have many grounds for remaining addicted to substances. They might believe â€Å" ingestion of the habit-forming good is non every bit harmful, that persons possess subjective beliefs refering this injury, and that beliefs are optimally updated information gained through ingestion † ( Orphanides and Zervos, 1995 ) . Parents, guidance, and equals can assist a individual get through this tough stage of their life. There is intervention out at that place where the dependence can be controlled and non take over person ‘s life. Peoples ‘s dependences are non merely to substances but to other things such as work, eating, and faith. Rational Choice Theory can explicate a assortment of habit-forming behaviours. The theory â€Å" derives conditions that determine whether steady province ingestion degrees are unstable or stable. Unstable steady provinces are important to the apprehension of rational dependence † ( Becker and Murphy, 1988 ) . The variables determine whether a individual can go addicted to a certain good and the effects that it causes. Consumption of a substance will demo how a individual responds to alterations sing the substance. It besides shows how a individual responds to stressful things that are go oning in their life and if it increases the demand for the substance ( Becker and Murphy, 1988 ) . â€Å" The Rational Choice Theory implies that â€Å" traveling cold Meleagris gallopavo is used to stop strong dependences, that nuts frequently go on orgies, that addicts respond more to permanent than to impermanent alterations in monetary values of habit-forming goods, and that anxiousness and tensenesss can precipitate and dependence ( Becker and Murphy, 1988 ) . A individual decides to stop his dependence if â€Å" events lower either his demand for the habit-forming good sufficiently or his stock of ingestion capital sufficiently † ( Becker and Murphy, 1988 ) . There needs to be an interaction between the individual and the good in order for the individual to halt the dependence. Rational individuals end stronger dependences more quickly than weaker 1s can. Media, Parents, and Peers The United States Office of National Drug Control Policy late â€Å" launched a media run intended to cut down illegal drug usage by the immature Americans † ( Lu, Zanutto, Hornik and Rosenbaum, 2001 ) . This survey was done with 521 teens and it compared teens that had been exposed to the media run and those that were non. The research was done based on three inquiries: â€Å" ( 1 ) In recent months, how frequently have you seen anti-drug commercials on telecasting or heard them on the wireless? ( 2 ) In recent months, how frequently have you seen anti-drug ads in newspapers or magazines? ( 3 ) In recent months, how frequently have you seen anti-drug ads in film theatres or on pictures? † ( Lu, et Al, 2001 ) . Older kids reported â€Å" less exposure to the media run than the younger kids, but gender and race showed small or no relationship to exposure † ( Lu, et Al, 2001 ) . Social larning theory sing emphasis and header were integrated to organize a ground for adolescent drug usage from informations obtained from 343 young persons. Parental rejection, aberrant equals, and low self-pride increased the stripling ‘s chance of drug usage. Findingss suggest that intervention should include single guidance and household therapy with an accent on rearing patterns ( Simons and Robertson, 1989 ) . This survey was done in a Midwestern metropolis with a population of 250,000. The stripling ‘s interviewed were between the ages of 13 to 17 old ages. They completed a two-hour interview and questionnaire. The questionnaire focused on demographic information, household state of affairs, peer relationships, psychological wellbeing, delinquent behaviour, and drug/alcohol usage ( Simon and Robertson, 1989 ) . 189 were male and 154 were female. They came from all different walks of life. Consequences found that substance maltreatment among young persons was â€Å" associated with weak bonds to household and strong bonds to a aberrant equal group † ( Simons and Robertson, 1989 ) . Parental rejection increased the usage of substance maltreatment amongst young person. Rejected kids tended to â€Å" mistrust and impute malevolent motivations to others, with the consequence being a defensive, if non aggressive, attack to equals interactions † ( Simons and Robertson, 1989 ) . Parental rejection is â€Å" positively related and self-esteem negatively related to avoidant get bying. There was no important coefficient between either parent ‘s imbibing form and avoidant header and parental rejection and aggressiveness are positively associated with engagement in a aberrant equal group † ( Simons and Robertson, 1989 ) . Prevention and Treatment Geting the message out sing substance maltreatment and dependence being harmful demands to get down at an early age. Most people become addicted can non halt without aid. In the addicted encephalon, â€Å" the control circuit becomes impaired because of drug usage and loses much of its repressive power over the circuits that drive responses to stimuli deemed salient † ( The National Institute of Drug Abuse, 2009 ) . Substance maltreatment intervention needs to handle the whole individual non merely the substance job. Behavior therapy can modify a individual ‘s attitude and behaviour as it relates to the substance maltreatment. There are medicines that a individual can take to handle the symptoms. Peoples that want to halt pickings can take a medical specialty that will assist control their desire to towards their dependence. Since substance maltreatment is really complex, there are many different types of intervention. Substance maltreatment intervention includes â€Å" detoxification, direction of drug dependance, and bar of backsliding † ( The National Institute on Drug Abuse, 1996 ) . Treatment plans are varied and multifaceted. Treatment falls into two classs: â€Å" drugs that affect physiological procedures and therapies that aim to modify behaviour † ( The National Institute on Drug Abuse, 1996 ) . Prescription medicines can supply a utility drug for the existent drug and barricade the physiological effects of the abused drug. They can besides assist the effects of backdown. Therapy and guidance can assist to alter a individual ‘s behaviour. â€Å" Peer support self-help groups modeled after Alcoholics Anonymous, behavioural conditioning to change one ‘s response to drug stimulations, accomplishment development, or long term intervention in a closed residential scene str essing substance abstention and acquisition of new attitudes and behaviour † ( The National Institute on Drug Abuse, 1996 ) , are all apart of acquiring effectual intervention. A â€Å" loving, fostering relationship with household has shown to be an of import portion though which a individual can larn to care, to give, and to compromise in relationships with others † ( Simons and Robertson, 1989 ) . Backsliding Peoples do non acquire cured when they go through intervention. Peoples become clean and sober. Substance maltreatment requires womb-to-tomb intervention. Peoples need to be able to acquire where they can â€Å" pull off their recovery and recover their lives † ( The National Institute of Drug Abuse, 2009 ) . If a individual relapses, it needs to function as a trigger that a different intervention or intercession demands to be used. The added support of a group, reding, household, and friends can assist a individual get through intervention. â€Å" The odds of staying abstentious rise if a patient has been abstinent for one to three old ages. After three old ages, the recovery odds remain high and stable. Addiction requires an on-going and active disease direction scheme † ( The National Institute of Drug Abuse, 2009 ) . Backsliding is common and frequently repeated interventions are required. Successful intervention relies in portion on how much clip is spent in a intervention plan. Those who remain in a plan for at least a twelvemonth are less likely to return to their substance maltreatment or dependence ( The National Institute on Drug Addiction, 1996 ) . Opportunities of backsliding are influenced by the same biological, psychological, behavioural, societal, and environmental factors that they originally faced. The longer person abstains from substance maltreatment, the better the opportunity of them remaining clean and sober in the hereafter ( The National Institute on Drug Abuse, 1996 ) . Decision This paper covers substance maltreatment and dependence and its affects. The research was based on intercession and bar and the influences around a individual including the media, parents, and equals. This subject was chosen because of the turning job with substance maltreatment and dependence in the United States. Merely in my town entirely, there are changeless reminders everyday of the job and how it affects the town, the schools, and the individual ‘s household. The paper was developed around why and how a individual abuses or becomes dependence to a substance. The paper besides discusses the different research done sing substance maltreatment and dependence particularly refering striplings. The paper besides discusses the bar of substance maltreatment and dependence and those around them that can assist such as household, friends, and support groups. Even though there are drugs which can assist a individual, there still is the job of going addicted. Because so many people have a substance maltreatment and dependence, dependence still remains a job in the United States. Reasons for dependence and maltreatment are eternal. Without the aid and support of household, friends, and intervention, the dependence will go on. Even with support, people may decline it. The addicted individual demands to desire to halt their dependence. Annotated Bibliography Becker, G.S. , and Murphy, K.M. ( 1988 ) . A theory of rational dependence. The Journal of Political Economy, Vol. 96, No. 4, pp. 675-700. The University of Chicago Press. Retrieved on January 9, 2010 from hypertext transfer protocol: // This article discusses how a individual rationalizes their substance maltreatment or dependence and what they future may keep for them. Bernheim, B.D. , and Rangel, A. ( 2004 ) . Addiction and cue-triggered determination procedures. The American Economic Review, Vol. 94, No. 5 pp. 1558-1590. American Economic Association. Retrieved on January 9, 2010 from hypertext transfer protocol: // This article discusses why users find themselves prosecuting in usage even if they might desire to halt. The user knows the effects of what they are making and might desire to halt but can non. It besides discusses the money that is spent on substance maltreatment in the United States. It besides talks about forms of habit-forming behaviour. Lu, B. , Zanutto, E. , Homik, R. , and Rosenbaum, P.R. ( 2001 ) . Matching with doses in an experimental survey of a media run against drug maltreatment. Journal of the American Statistical Association, Vol. 96, No. 456 pp. 1245- 1253. American Statistical Association. Retrieved on January 9, 2010 from hypertext transfer protocol: // This article discusses how the media might act upon habit-forming behaviour and how the media could be used in a positive manner. MedicineNet, Inc. ( 2008 ) . Drug maltreatment and dependence. Retrieved on January 8, 2010 from hypertext transfer protocol: // articlekey=25825 This article discusses what drug dependence is and why some people might go addicted and some do non. Factors include biological science, environment, and development. Orphanides, A. , and Zervos, D. ( 1995 ) . Rational dependence with acquisition and sorrow. The Journal of Political Economy, Vol. 103, No. 4 pp. 739-758. The University of Chicago Press. Retrieved on January 9, 2010 from hypertext transfer protocol: // This article discusses how people did non believe that they could go addicted and how they regret their past determinations. Saisan, J. , Segal, J. , and Cutter, D. , ( 2009 ) . Drug maltreatment and dependence. Signs, symptoms, and assist for drug jobs. Retrieved on January 8, 2010 from hypertext transfer protocol: // This article discusses what to look for in a individual that you might believe has a substance maltreatment or dependence job. It discusses the causes of the maltreatment and the different types of maltreatment. St. simons, R.L. , and Robertson, J.F. ( 1989 ) . The impact of rearing factors, aberrant equals, and get bying manner upon adolescent drug usage. Family Relations, Vol. 38, No. 3, pp. 273-281. National Council on Family Relations. Retrieved on January 9, 2010 from hypertext transfer protocol: // This article deals with research on stripling substance usage and maltreatment. This information was obtained from research done on 343 young persons. The research dealt with parental interaction, their equals, and how the young persons felt about themselves. The National Institute on Drug Abuse ( 1996 ) . Drug usage. Retrieved on January 8, 2010 from hypertext transfer protocol: // This article discusses the difference between drug usage, maltreatment, and dependance. It talks about drug dangers and their badness. It besides discusses the drug maltreatment intervention. The National Institute on Drug Abuse, ( 2008 ) . NIDA for teens: Facts on drugs – Anabolic steroids. Retrieved on January 8, 2010 from hypertext transfer protocol: // This article talks about steroid usage among jocks, how they are used, and the effects of the drug. It besides discusses the range of usage among teens. The National Institute on Drug Abuse, ( 2009 ) . Addiction scientific discipline: From molecules to pull off attention. National Institute of Health, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Retrieved on January 8, 2010 from hypertext transfer protocol: // This is a series of articles that discusses everything from wellness effects to the money spent of drugs. It touches on HIV/AIDS. It discusses what happens to the encephalon when a individual is on drugs. It talks about how and why people become addicted to drugs. It discusses what factors affect the interaction of drugs and how the environment affects the use. It besides touches on intervention and what can be done in the instance of a backsliding. Toray, T. , Coughlin, C. , Vuchinich, S. , and Patricelli, P. ( 1991 ) . Gender differences associated with adolescent substance maltreatment: Comparisions and deductions for intervention. Family Relations, Vol. 40, No. 3, pp. 338-344. National Council of Family Relations. Retrieved on January 9, 2010 from hypertext transfer protocol: // This was research done on a group of 930 striplings, both male and female, who were in intervention for drug maltreatment. This research shows how substance maltreatment and dependence affects the male and female otherwise. It takes into affect the history of physical and or sexual maltreatment and household history of substance maltreatment. I. Introduction a. Substance maltreatment and dependence B. Problem today among people c. Reason of dependence II. Statement of Problem a. Relevant – large job in today ‘s society B. Way to understand job c. What causes people to go addicted? d. Why does it impact some and non others? e. Are at that place underlying jobs to the maltreatment? f. Are at that place underlying jobs to the dependence? g. How does it impact those around them? III. Discussion a. Substance maltreatment B. Substance dependence c. Social deductions d. Parental engagement e. Peer engagement IV. Causes a. What causes the maltreatment and dependence B. Statisticss c. Family history d. Peer force per unit area V. Rational behind abuse/addiction a. It ‘s all right, I can discontinue anytime b. I am non aching anyone c. It does non be that much VI. Media influence Exposure to anti drug messages Helping the cause VII. Prevention a. Parents B. Peers c. Programs d. Rehabilitation VIII.. Relapse a. Reason b. Abstinence VIIII. Decision a. Reason for dependence and/or maltreatment B. Affects of intervention c. Problem today in the United States Brooding Narrative How to cite Substance Abuse And Addiction Health And Social Care Essay, Essay examples

Social Media Presence and Strategy of Deloitte

Question: Discuss about the Social Media Presence and Strategy of Deloitte. Answer: Introduction Social media has now become an important part of any companys branding and marketing strategy. Social media ends up providing a way to directly interact with consumers, it many times is a face of the company, a great way to understand the consumer sentiments and hire employees, issue important notice, etc. Deloitte is a consulting, auditing company with a significant social media presence online. They are very active and involved with their followers. We would be looking at their social media strategy. Social Media Presence: LinkedIn: Almost all the major companies are present on LinkedIn, since LinkedIn is the world largest professional network website. Even though Deloitte is a country specific partnership model consulting firm, but they maintain a common page for Deloitte as a whole which captures all the service lines. There are more than 200,000 subscribers of Deloitte page and they share informative contents related to auditing, taxation, latest Government Regulation, their consulting approach and technology. They showcase themselves as few of those vendors who believe in end to end suctioning. They are very active on LinkedIn and very prompt in replying to queries as well and hence their page is pretty responsive and famous. Facebook: This is biggest social network that is present in the world. Going by the number of people using Facebook, the stat goes like if Facebook would have been a country then it would have been the third largest populated nation in the world. Deloitte maintains a very responsive Facebook page in which they unleash the potential of connecting with the people. There they share more people centric material and try to showcase their professionalism and ability to connect with the people at large(Semonsu, 2010). The posts are very less related to professional know how but are more inclined towards mannerism and professionalism that they believe is the way professional must like their life like. Twitter: Twitter is microblogging site, which most of the young population uses to connect with their favorite companies and news feeds. They maintain a very busy page on twitter and through that they keep on sharing their success stories and new wins and more importantly whenever they publish any information on the internet, twitter is their Go to website to post and get maximum number of hits(Lee McCabe, 2013). They introduce their leadership and thought leadership through twitter and they have a huge following. They are also very active on forums like World Economic Forums etc. in which they provide their point of view on the discussions. The website which is the go to website now when a person wishes to get some information about the company. Ranging from the profiles they have to offer to the interview information and even the salary related information(Jantsch, 2014). Deloitte is pretty active on the website and formally approves majority of information that is shared by people on Glassdoor. This helps them to build a sense of trust among the people and hence people find them a reliable company to join. They even encourage their staff to rate them on Glassdoor, which not many companies do. Deloitte believes that the way it treats its employees, they maintain good feedback overall. Social Media Audience: Professionals: Being a consulting company they always need good pool of consultants to be collaborative with them and social media is the way they try to approach the good pool of professionals. They share some really informative stuffs like reports and point of view on social media that professionals follow them to keep themselves updated in the current happenings in the professional world(IBM, 2012). It is not easy to maintain this contact as there are tons of consulting services sharing loads of material. This way professionals follow them and they have their target audience with them which they can reach out to in case they need a new resource. Prospective Clients: They can show their through leaderships and point of views on various topics by which the companies can see if they have solution to their budding problems or they have found out a problem that is not recognized by the companies yet. This way they are able to showcase their roadshow free of cost and make a solid connect with their prospective clients and ensure to give them a flavor of their knowledge capabilities that they bring on the table. This way they become a huge favorites of the clients and when such a work is desired the companies know whom to approach. CEO Level Collaborations: All the business strategic decisions are taken by the C level executives only and that is the reason they need to collaborate with them. They are through in bringing them in discussions with their proactive pitching towards the areas of interests for the C Level executives and ensuring that they are able to break some conversation with them and hence this is an opportunity for them to present a sales pitch(Sitel, 2012). This way they are able to sell a considerable amount of business. This is a very innovative mode as C Level executives have the budgets for the consulting engagements and hence they are able to thorough insights that are needed. Universities: Deloitte is known for attracting a good pool of people straight from the campuses and that is the reason they wants to maintain a good relation with the universities. They do it by maintaining a brand among the students by sharing stuff that is of relevance to them and again offering internships etc. All this collaboration is easier to form and maintain when done through social media. This is not a straight and direct method of campus hiring. The thing is that in order to attract the best talent, there is a need to maintain an image and that is achieved by Social media. Competitors: Consulting services are offered by more than one thousand companies across the globe and that in order to maintain a differentiation among the competitors, there is a need to showcase the capabilities at which Deloitte is working and hence Social media is a platform for them to show their competitors some insights around the amazing work that they are developing,. This is not just to prove that they are notch ahead, but also to ensure that if there is any collaboration opportunity then the same may be achieved and hence a better solution can be presented in the partnership mode in the market. This is their way of attacking the market. Social Media Marketing: Point of Views: Point of view is a thought paper that is published by the companies in order to show their understanding on the given subject and to ensure that they are able to prove that they have the best understanding on the subject overall. This is the simple and short of letting the world know that Deloitte does maintains a strong capability in the subject and hence the results are bound to be in the positive interest. The thing that must be noticed here is that Point of Views are not the solution but an understanding established towards the problem and how can a good solution be prepared around. White Papers: White papers are another form of though leaderships but in some level of depth and also toward targeting a small, niche and very specific business proposition or solution. Through this the consultants of Deloitte basically showcase their experience and ensure that their knowledge is known to all and they are treated as the SME in the area. The White papers are the approach to tell the world that inside Deloitte some thorough business problems are solved with the most effective solutions that has the ability to make a loss making entity into a profitable engagement and also ensuring that results are achieved quickly. Thought Leaderships: This about proposals and pursuits that they publish online as a part of their success stories. This is more to showcase the companies in the similar genres that they have done some excellent works in the field stated in the thoughts and that the company may be suffering from the similar problems(KPMG, 2010). This way there is a chance to basically fetch the same account in the similar industry and hence expand the business in the right direction. Though leadership is something that all the consulting companies do, but Deloitte is meticulous in their knowledge sharing capabilities and hence the results are also amazing. Reports: They do a lot of reports around some prevailing business or industry and do a thorough analysis around the future of the business and that is what they make public. The amount to effort that goes into making a report of that thorough nature is very high and hence it gives an insight about the companys ability to take a dig at the issues and ensure that some good outcomes are attained. This is made available for free most of the time and hence gives an opportunity to outside stakeholders to see how the people of Deloitte are able to approach the problem. Industrial Insights: This is a very interesting aspect of sharing that Deloitte does. They provide some very thorough industry insights and they are able to capture the essence of the industry as is scenario and also able to see what is going to happen to the industry in some time frame. Through this they propose solution around the problems and hence it is a good opportunity to basically go ahead and convert the sales properly. Industry insights are kind of eye openers for companies as they are able to show the roadmap to the industries and hence industries can take a calculate decision in their project budgeting. Ethics, Privacy Security: Non Sharing of Client related Data: They do share a lot of material and sometimes the information is also about the account that they have won or deployed successfully. But they do manage that they only share some very selective information about the client through social media and they are ethical in non sharing of any data that is a trade secret of the client. They maintain the ethical relation and hence able to manage the relation in a long term format. Client data is always shared in collaboration with the client and they are professional in this regard. Sometime Client is not comfortable in sharing some really confidential data and Deloitte ensures that none of their employees also do not share any data that they are not supposed to share. No forced recommendations: They always maintain a dignified relationship with their followers and in none of their social media touch point have they ever shared any forced recommendation unlike many other consulting companies. The reason for this is that they maintain a single page for all their consulting offerings which they project as an end to end solution offering. However, many companies project it as a different offering and hence if a person has liked their single page they will force them to like their other pages and hence it makes the learning experience very rugged and hence they are good in managing their online accounts. The force recommendation concept was started by mainly IT companies where they have a separate department for each offering. But that is not the case with Deloitte. No newsfeed on subscriptions: They share data in a systematic manner and not in a way that they wish to just share something. Whatever they share they want people to read it and understand it and if needed should also discuss the stuff to expand the knowledge horizons. The news feed is not their way of working, they work on interest group sharing model in which they share stuff with relevant people based on what they want to learn or read and hence that makes the collaboration very effective and ensures that they provide quality input to the business professionals and help them to collaborate in a very defined manner, such that they are able to build a stronger network with the masses in a proper manner. Non Sharing of Details of Subscribers: They have millions of subscribers and they always ensure that they will never share their details with other pages. They maintain the secrecy of the data shared by the people who have subscribed them and always maintain an ethical collaboration with them. This is to prove that ethical working is a way of life for them and that they will not pass on any information to the other companies and share the stuff shared by the subscribers exclusively with them is something that is there to ensure that company is working hard to ensure that there is no loss of trust at any level of understanding, Usually, companies may share the data but then where is the trust that is broken by the company. Social Media Technologies: Search Engine Optimization: This is one of the core technology that is there is use as a part of unleashing the social media capabilities. The Social media is all about maintaining a shorter distance between the target audience and yourself(MCGRATH, 2010). If in that case the company is not being shown in the top of the search charts then there is no way that a company will by any means get the traction that is needed to be achieved. The search results are important and not just for the home page, but also of the shares and thought leadership that is produced by the company. This leads to the development of a pool of followers and based on that all the other demands are fulfilled. Consider a situation in which CEO of the company is seeking possible point of views for a business problem he is facing. Now in case the results of Deloittes capabilities are not shown in the first few results then it is a loss of opportunity for them and hence loss of sales. The account is grown as land and expand strategy and using this feature it is almost a loss game for Deloitte if they ignore the possibilities to grab every opportunity and SEO is their ticket to excel in that manner. Social Media Analytics: Social Media analytics is a very important tool to ensure that the company is actually targeting the right set of people and that is possible only when the data is analyzed thoroughly. The data is available everywhere nowadays and those player who are able to crunch it most efficiently are the ultimate winners of the race(Collin, 2009). This is what Deloitte is doing properly, they analyze it properly that who are the C Level executives who are viewing their reports and what are the kind of shares that are gaining the maximum amount of tractions and also what is the most sensitive and approachable geography for them. In this manner they are able to ensure that they are able to get hold of the best business results for themselves and that they are also sure that what are the kind of markets, they must approach and ensure to get good results. These are some of the intruding business problems that are not solved readily in the set up. Analytics is the solution and Deloitte is using it effectively and in a proper manner without much issues. Target Audience Acquisition: This is an extension of the analytics piece that ones they have identified the right set they approach them with the correct business proposition and hence able to attain good results that are complete and recurring. Conclusion As we have seen Deloitte is very active in social media, mainly in LinkedIn as it a social network of professionals. Because of the type of business, it regularly engages with the audience with thought leadership content. Deloitte regularly uses social media advertising to reach their target audience. As social media also reveals important insights as to the number of visitors, their actions, etc. Deloitte is one of those companies that have shifted its offline marketing budget to online and reaping amazing benefits out of it. References: Collin, P. (2009). Benefits of Social Networking Services. New South Whales: University of NSW. IBM. (2012). From social media to Social CRM. Massachusates: IBM Global Business Services. Jantsch, J. (2014). Social Media for Small Business. Paris: DuctTape Marketing. KPMG. (2010). Going Social How businesses are making the most of social media. Boston: KOMG Global. Lee McCabe, S. J. (2013). Social? Thats for consumers. For travel companies, social media means business. London: Deloitte. Mcgrath, S. (2010). The Impact Of New Media Technologies On Social Interaction In The Household. Maynooth : Maynooth University. Semonsu, J. (2010). The case of Social Media in decade ahead. New York: Deloite. Sitel. (2012). Social Media Customer Engagement. Louvre: Sitel.